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Quickly put together your own group coaching program by following this simple outline. We have provided everything that you will need to plan exactly how your group coaching program will be presented to your ideal client-base.

Get off the hamster wheel of fear! The faster you create your group coaching program, the faster you will begin to trade your time for cash.

Here's how this "course-in-a-box" can help you ...

Anyone trying to build a solid coaching practice or service business knows it’s hard to thrive unless you have 1-to-1 clients. But there’s a BIG problem with this way of thinking:

  • Coaches can only serve a few people at a time.
  • Coaches can struggle to find the next client without proper planning.
  • Earning more means working longer hours… and never having a moment to yourself.

There IS a better way ...

Group Coaching Programs give you the ability to impact more lives AND give the personal attention that gets better results for clients. With group coaching, you work with small groups of clients in live sessions, often in combination with other training and resources.

It’s the ideal mix of coaching, training, and accountability. It gets the best results for the most clients…. without breaking the bank for anyone! 

1-to-1 coaching isn’t for everyone, and it can be too expensive for many people. Luckily, sometimes less is actually more... as long as you know how to make ‘less’ work for you. Because the truth is...

More people can afford a LITTLE of you than those who can afford ALL of you. We've got your back!

Whether you're a new coach wondering "How the heck do I even start a group coaching program? Or a more established coach who has had a business for years, and just never gained enough traction with planning group coaching - this effective tool will get you on your way in weeks, not months.

  • Establish the group coaching mindset they need in order to create profitable, thriving group programs… without burning out or trying to please everyone.

  • Plan, and create their results-focused group coaching program with ease and efficiency (no more late nights or last-minute “What do I do?” panic attacks).

  • Run engaging, productive live group sessions… where members feel safe, supported, and motivated to succeed.

  • Evaluate what’s working and what isn’t… both for their group members AND for their own goals.

5 Reasons you need to add and stay committed to group coaching if you want to scale your business...

1. People join for the attractive character (YOU). Naturally, people will make the decision to join your program because of that captain of the ship (YOU). that might only last for so long. The community is what holds the glue together. It's what makes a great program ... a great community.

2. Healthy Competition. Whether it is people improving their health or jumping from $5K/mo to $30K/mo in their business. When you have a solid community who is all focused on improvement, the people will raise everyone's standards. Create a winning community with healthy competitions. Everyone needs this, especially the one's who are striving for greatness. And yes, your program should be filled with people who are all striving for greatness.

3. When you coach one person in a group setting - others reap the benefit too. All the group reaps the benefit when one is coached in the group. In other words, we call this the mastermind effect. Don't be selfish, add group coaching to your program.

4. Consistency Creates Results. People need consistent schedules. Whenever someone joins the group coaching program, they sign up for a consistent weekly routine. This creates structure, clarity and consistency especially when building a business or accomplishing something difficult. As a coach your job is to help your clients build a solid routine. The group coaching calls set the foundation.

5. A family gets built. You are not only building a clientele base, you are building a family. When you are surrounded by other people who are on the same journey - it's a breath of fresh air.  This is why adding group coaching to your business is more than just allowing you the ability to scale.  

Here's what you get in this package:

Introduction - You'll start out with an overview of the course.

Module 1 - Why Group Coaching? Having a group coaching program can eliminate your business burnout, help your clients get exceptional results, grow your revenue, AND enable you to make a bigger impact on more people's lives. You need to work smarter, not harder. You'll establish a group coaching mindset for success.

Module 2 – Design Your Results-Driven Group Coaching Program.
You know that you want to offer a group coaching program and you’ve identified the goals you want to achieve with it. In Module 2, will guide you through creating your Group Coaching Program Plan, including all the details of how you'll structure and deliver your offer.

  • Lesson 1: Identify Your Audience
  • Lesson 2: Define the Theme and Key Elements of Your Program
  • Lesson 3: Design Your Program Structure
  • Lesson 4: Decide on Delivery and Communication Methods
  • Lesson 5: Create Your Coaching Content.

Module 3 – Apply Proven Group Coaching Skills to Facilitate Success. The truth? Locating your audience and choosing your delivery method is just the beginning. If you truly want to create a group coaching program that gets results and frees you from the grind, you have to have some skills that are unique to group coaching. The strategies and tools in Module 3 will help.

  • Lesson 1: Group Coaching Skills
  • Lesson 2: Guidelines for Running Successful Group Sessions

Module 4 - Marketing Your Program. Now that you have a group coaching program you’re sure will help people, you’ll want to get the word out and start enrolling members.

Module 5 – Evaluating Results. Once you’ve run your group coaching program, you’ll want to evaluate it to make sure that it’s meeting your business needs while achieving the goals your group members are striving for. In Module 5, you’ll help you choose evaluation tools and analyze the results they’ve obtained so far.

Module 6 - Review and Refine. In this final module, you’ll teach some tips to your students to capitalize on their group programs. You’ll also give your students the opportunity to review the course and plan future action.

You also receive:  Self-Assessment, Group Coaching Intake Form, Weekly Accountability Template,
Group Coaching Planner and Overview Info Graphic
Earn more money, work fewer hours,
and become the authority in your market.
Get only he content you need to create your group coaching program!

Grab your copy now so you will be ready in a few short weeks
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This product is worth its weight in gold!

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