Asc - Business Strategies


Bringing together the art of coaching with the science of creative tools for the coach and the coaching business. Knowing the art of coaching isn't enough - you have to learn the science of business to become a successful coach. If you don't plan for success - you plan for failure. If you are struggling to get clients it may surprise you that that your success as a coach has little to do with your ability to coach - it has everything to do with BUSINESS.

Some Recent Member Quotes:

"I can't say enough good about my membership. The yearly membership cost is lower when compared to a lot of other resources that claim to do the same thing. I have been with ASC-Business Strategies for several years and I'm not going anywhere soon." - - J. Muhammad / Ahmedabad, India

"Love it!! Monthly products are great. The products are easily used as the packages come with everything necessary to market the products to your clients. Couldn't ask for more." - - Phil R. / Leipzig, Germany

"I love the materials that I download each and every month. I, in fact, have learned so much from the packages that I now offer for sale on my coaching website. I have customers that return time and time again to see what I have posted. Great value for the membership!" -- D. Lansky / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

"I just wanted to say thank you for setting me straight. I knew that I was missing a valuable piece to make by business fly - and now I have it. I'm grateful for all that I've learned and continue to learn.. The monthly downloads are spectacular!" -- Lloyd A. / Sacramento, CA, USA

"I thought that all I would find here is a little encouragement but I found a whole lot more. This membership program is fantastic! As far as I'm concerned I'm off to a new start. I wish I had this program when I initially graduated as a certified coach." -- Kate J. / Vancouver, BC, CANADA

"What was most beneficial for me was learning to change my mindset from "selling" to looking for opportunities to provide service to others. This one aspect of training alone, was worth its weight in gold." -- NINA T. / TROY, MI, USA

"I got my first peek at this membership a few months back and I was excited about what was coming. No surprises here - great material to learn from. I am well on my way to taking hold of my niche and becoming a specialist in my geographical area." -- Usha U. / Edmonton, AB, CANADA

"This membership experience has reshaped my learning curve. I have a renewed sense of direction and new insights that have clearly provided me with a direction. Now I know - it's all about completing the process and knowing that the business will follow as long as I keep learning. Thank you." -- Monica W. / Taos, NM, USA